Ecology and Social Justice


Materials that power our technology are often sourced under dangerous and polluting conditions. Province Resources is committed to global best practice in safety, employment rights, environmental protection, and accountability. Province Resources will also use all endeavors to ensure its own supply chain does not contribute to human rights abuses, such as using products defined as conflict minerals.

Province Resources license areas in Sweden and Australia host a diverse array of flora and fauna. We are committed to ensuring that our activities will not impact on this diversity and hope to have a positive impact on expanding and protecting it.  Province Resources is committed to the highest levels of environmental protection through positive engagement with the Western Desert Lands Aboriginal Coporation (WDLAC) and Martu people in Western Australia with the Environmental Protection Agency and local municipalities in Sweden.


Responsibility Commitments


Province Resources' Responsibility Commitments outline our intentions to be outstanding corporate citizens locally and globally. Follow the links below for more information on the organisations and standards: