Gnama Nickel - Copper


  • 55km2 in the Fraser Range along strike from the Nova-Bollinger Mine (Independence Group) and Mawson discovery (Legend Mining)

  • Historic drilling indicates mineralisation in shallow oxide, including:

    • 16m @ 0.60% Ni, 0.14% Cu and 0.13% Co and

    • 20m @ 0.57% Ni, 0.17% Cu and 0.08% Co

  • Opportunity to locate the sulphide source of previously drilled near-surface oxide intersections


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The Gnama Nickel Project is located at the southern end of the Fraser Range, host to numerous recent nickel discoveries including Nova-Bollinger, acquired by IGO for $1.8 billion in May 2015.  Renewed interest has been fuelled by Legend Mining’s Mawson discovery in January 2020 with recent drill intersections including 12.8m @ 2.8% Ni, 1.4% Cu and 0.14% Co from 235m.

Both Nova Bollinger and Mawson were identified by an anomalous Ni+Cu signature at surface with Ni sulphide source at depth.  Typically, discoveries have a significant barren zone between the oxide cap and sulphide source with primary mineralisation at Nova occurring up to 450m beneath the surface.

Gnama was identified by Sirius Exploration in 2010 when RC holes drilled to test a soil geochemical anomaly intersected a zone of Ni, Cu and Co enrichment in the oxide zone above mixed mafic and ultramafic rocks. Drill hole SFRC5 intersected 16m @ 0.6% Ni, 0.14% Cu and 0.13% Co from 36m and drill hole SFRC6 intersected 20m @ 0.57% Ni, 0.17% Cu and 0.08% Co from 28m. Sirius remarked that “Whilst the elevated levels of Ni and Co could be explained by lateritic enrichment, the presence of copper suggests that the underlying rocks may contain sulphide mineralisation.” Sirius relinquished the tenement area as part of a larger tenement rationalisation under the statutory DMIRS Mining Act conditions, Sirius went on to discover Nova the following year by drilling deeper beneath a similar low grade supergene enrichment zone as the Gnama Project. 

Sirius discovery hole (SFRC0024) intersected 4m @ 3.8% nickel and 1.42% copper.¹




Figure 1. Gnama Nickel Project Ni , Cu and Co RC drill intersections

Figure 2. Discovery hole SFRC0024, Saturday 21 July 2012. Note the run of darker grey samples (with disseminated sulphide) culminating in the black samples (matrix to massive sulphide).¹

Figure 3. Cross section 6479500mN - the uppermost tip of EM conductor 1 showing intersections relative to the extent of conductor.¹

Figure 4. Plan view of step-out drilling in relation to the Nova discovery.² Highlighting the low grade nickel and copper values that can be used to infer close proximity to potential economic mineralisation.

¹ Sirius Resources, Major New Nickel Copper Discovery (26 July 2012)

² Sirius Resources, The next globally significant nickel company presentation (23 October 2013)